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Though it has been practised for time immemorial, but unfortunately the ancient African indigenous belief system has been marred by negative publicity due to practices that believes in the use of body parts for muti purposes.

The media is always flooded with stories of mutilated bodies discovered in bushes minus certain body parts and people living with albinism are targeted because of the belief that their body parts possesses magical powers.

These barbaric practices have become an unshakable Albatross around the neck of the African indigenous belief systems, casting bad light on the noble belief system to the extent that its true purpose has diminished.

Though serving a significant part of the population in South Africa, the rumours swelling around African indigenous belief system have been a source of shame, ridicule and darkness.

This is the reason Gogo Bathini Mbatha, a traditional healer practising in Empangeni, KwaZulu-Natal; saw the need for an institution that will inform people about African indigenous belief system, through awareness and education.

The South African Traditional Healers Association is one-stop information shop for African indigenous belief system which Gogo Mbatha believes is best suited to challenge, debunk and deal with myths.

Gogo Mbatha, an African indigenous belief system practitioner with over a decade of experience, believes the institution will go a long way in changing the wrong narrative around the indigenous belief systems.

"Being a custodian of African indigenous belief system is a huge responsibility and indigenous belief system practitioners have an integral role to play in informing the broader public about their practices, its origins, values and principles. The institution strives to be a training institution for practitioners and the broader public for a true understanding of indigenous belief systems," he said.

According to Gogo Mbatha, the stigma attached to the African indigenous belief systems needs to be addressed from an information perspective where the public is given facts to debunk the myths around the belief system.