ServicesOur services are designed around the needs of the society regarding Traditional Healers.

Who are we?

South African Traditional Healers Institute (SATHI) strives to be a model South African Institution offering a broad and challenging educational program to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. SATHI is committed to inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through a stimulating and comprehensive courses, workshops & seminars within a caring, respectful, multicultural environment, the Institution is committed to equipping each student with a desire to learn, to take appropriate risks and be familiar with related challenges.

The institution is committed to developing students who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skills and character to continue their education and become personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible Traditional Healers.

Why should I attend?

The gift of being able to be a traditional, spiritual healer or herbalist is not enough to deliver an efficient and impactful service to patients. These African indigenous health practitioners also need bookkeeping and administration skills to be able to keep patient record, to communicate appropriately, research and understanding of African culture, laws and regulations related to traditional health practice. Skills in traditional medicine business management are also key in the success and sustainability of practitioners.

SATHI is a specialised healers' educational institution that offers Advanced Traditional Health Practitioner training to equip them with skills that will make them a cut amongst the rest.

What is Advanced Traditional Health Practitioner training?

This is a 3-month distance learning programme covering courses in: Administration & Bookkeeping Communications & Counselling African Culture Research Laws & Regulations Traditional Medicine Business Management.

How will the students be assessed?

This programme does not have exams but students are required to submit assignments on which they will be assessed. Students will receive certificates on the successful completion of the programme.

Who can attend?

Inyanga (Traditional Healer)
Isangoma (Seer)
Umthandazi (Prophet)
Umbelethisi (Midwifery)
Igedla (Herbalist)
Umhloli Wezintombi (Virginity Tester)
Umsoka (Traditional Surgeon)

Our services include

● Distance learning courses
● Onsite courses
● Events
● Seminars
● Training
● Workshops
● Awareness